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St. Louis - Lyon Sister Cities


Au courant

From Captive to Creole


Life in colonial St. Louis was not easy. However, the legal and social status of women in eighteenth-century Creole communities along the Mississippi and Missouri river frontiers brought good fortune to some. Read about one such heroine María Rosa Villalpando in the Fall issue of the Missouri Historical Society's Magazine Gateway. 

A Bird's Eye of Lyon


WARNING! High flying pictures of the Confluence district, Tête d'or park, Lyon’s City Hall, Fourvière Hill and basilica may lead to dreams about visiting our French sister city.

Lighting Up Lyon


For four nights a variety of different artists light up buildings, streets, squares and parks all over the city.

Over 40 light installations create a magical atmosphere.

The History Behind the Lights.

Volunteer Opportunties

Le Goûter Goodies


If you believe snacking is a high art and you keep French bakeries and wine merchants on speed dial, we want to talk to you. Our yearly membership gathering is looking for volunteers to help us plan our 2020 event.

Got Skills?


 We are looking for volunteers to help develop a civic dialog program with citizens from St. Louis and Lyon who wish to learn how to cultivate compassion for others who hold opposing points of view. 

Le Saviez Vous?


Do you Francophile with the best of them? Are you a savant at general French knowledge or just can't resist trivia in any form? Oui, then WE WANT YOU! Volunteers are needed to help us put on our French trivia night.

About Us

Sister Cities

St. Louis-Lyon Sister Cities, Inc. is devoted to enhancing relationships between the citizenry of St. Louis and Lyon. We are one of 16 World Trade Center St. Louis' sister cities programs that enhance the STLPartnership's international agenda.

Our Community

In addition to the municipal ties between St. Louis and Lyon, our committee partners with commercial, cultural and educational organizations that foster our region's French connections.

What We Do

More is not just merrier, it makes an impact. Volunteering is considered the ultimate exercise in democracy, and we have several programs to keep you engaged. Find a program you like!