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City/Cité St. Louis

City/Cité St. Louis was held on October 18th, 19th, and 20th in several St. Louis venues influential French and American scholars, activists, performers, policymakers and non-profit leaders gathered to dialogue on immigration, diversity, inequality, and the future of our city.

An evening of French Theater

St. Louis-Lyon Sister Cities, Inc. co-sponsored with la Société Française de Saint Louis a presentation of Antoine de Saint Exupery's "Terre des hommes” on Oct. 28th at the New School Auditorium 5209 Waterman Blvd. Directed by Andre Nerman with Pascal Germain, the French troupe Caravan Caravgue portrayed what makes live worth living through Saint-Exupéry's accounts of friendship, death and heroism.

2018 La Fête des Vendanges

St. Louis-Lyon Sister Cities' Fête des Vendanges was held November 17th at the Racquet Club where wine and good works came together to make a difference. Each year this event celebrates the wine harvest with a Lyonnaise inspired dinner and silent auction to raise money for Nason-Goodman scholarships and other committee programs. Is there a better way to take your tastebuds to Lyon without the airfare? 

Notre Dame Still Stands

"Gutted but Still Valiant" stands Notre Dame Cathedral de Paris. Echoed by many international voices, this beloved structure is not just French. For over 850 years, "Our Lady" has shared her history with the history of the world. Let us know how Notre Dame de Paris has touched you.